The Fold / Rebeca Monzo

Since returning to my planet, after a brief stay in the civilized world, I feel the excitement that characterizes me has diminished somewhat.

I arrived just in time to see how, over and over on television, they showed the images of the May Day parade. Cool! Those same people marched who, day after day, you run into in the street, criticizing, complaining, and even verbally attacking, who have no direct responsibility for the situation, they go like sheep to the fold (at the Plaza), marching and waving little paper flags with the national emblem, which afterwards they throw on the ground and trample shamelessly.

Yesterday afternoon, I stand at the terrace of my apartment to say goodbye to a friend, and I see my neighbors like moving like automatons to attend an accountability meeting (isn’t that the way it goes?). Those same people who spend their time with you one-on-one criticizing, complaining and wishing for the end of the regime.

Wouldn’t it be better and healthier, to take of the mask once and for all and shed the fears and decide to adopt a more civic posture?

Not doing anything against it, but doing nothing for it, would be a good start against which no law can punish you.

May 14 2011