The First Step / Rosa Maria Rodriguez

As part of the Multilateral ’Cuba 360’ Program I taught the course “The technologies of information and communication for the socialization of ideas. Cyber-activism and citizen journalism in Cuba,” which began on August 12, had enrollment of eight tenacious and restless young people, eager for training, and concluded on Friday, September 6. The course abducted me for more than a month in the interest of the quality of the methodological preparation, the domestic chores and the vicissitudes of summer in search “of the potato of the day” with lines everywhere and the systemic scarcities.

Of these eight students, seven graduated “with diplomas” of knowledge, which are the most valuable titles, but without the paper. They remain for the next cycle of education, several points that originated in the practice and others that impelled by circumstances, in short… we will continue working for ever greater quality classes and that such relationships provide more in the way of the training of democratic-minded people who know their rights.

We also hope that in the next course we will have a computer to teach the lessons of some branches of technological knowledge and that in the future we will be able to graph all the efforts and perseverance of a month in a historic “family” photo and publish it without fear for its participants. We thank everyone who contributed their modest logistical support, but rich in disposition and goodwill, so we could undertake this effort to convey our experiences. We will continue to open the doors to literacy and democratic praxis to all those Cubans who want to travel with us in new workshops. We have now started one more machine of freedom: we took the first step!

16 September 2013