The Economic Opposition / Reinaldo Escobar

I just read an article titled “Shortages and Repression,” published by Alejndro Armengol in his blog Cuaderno de Cuba (Cuban Notebook), where he airs an idea that comes and goes in restless minds, but which has failed to scale the academic pantheon. I am referring to the Economic Opposition.

The first I heard of the expression was from a colleague Julie Aleaga, who mentioned the issue in a meeting organized by Lay Space. I remember Arturo Lopez-Levy, who was present, saying with a slight hint of disgust, that he didn’t recognize the existence of the economic opposition because he didn’t remember there being any academic reference to it.

I want to “contribute” to this new conception the elements that will have ot be considered stemming from the Foreign Investment Law, where there will be everything one can imagine, from money laundering to piñatas. That this is the desired opposition will be another controversy, but we have to reflect deeply on the matter, because the road to a new Cuba may be paved with the worst intentions.

22 April 2014