The Cuba I’m Leaving Behind / Luis Felipe Rojas

Today, my family and I are leaving for exile in the United States. After many years of penury, mistreatment, arbitrary detentions and police harassment — in fact, even against those who make up my home, as well — I am leaving. I know that leaving constitutes a calamity from which few ever recover from, but I can’t find another solution, at the moment, for the problems and sufferings my two children and my loving wife Exilda are facing.

Before leaving, I want to thank all those who, from different parts of the world, have expressed concern for me. To all my readers and all those who have left comments on my posts — Thank you! Without those messages of solidarity, it would have been impossible for me to continue onward.

Since I had little — or no — internet connectivity, I usually received the comments on my posts months after they were published, when someone would dedicate a few minutes to “download” them onto a USB drive, then read them to me as messages, as true letters mailed to me, and that would convert me into a privileged person who is loved and who often received messages.

In other words, my sincere thanks from this side of the transparent frontier. This time, no more words. I just want everyone to see the Cuba I’m leaving behind today.

October 25, 2012