Susely Morfa Continues Her Meteoric Career in the PCC, now in Matanzas

In 2016, Morfa was elected a deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power and a member of the State Council. (Radio Rebelde)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 14 July 2020 — Susely Morfa has climbed a new step in her meteoric career by being appointed to lead the ideological political section of the  Cuban Communist Party (PCC) in the province of Matanzas. After standing out during the acts of repudiation against Cuban activists at the Summit of the Americas, in 2015 in Panama, now the psychologist aims to become a high cadre of the PCC.

Until last May, Morfa, 38, was at the head of the Union of Young Communists, a position in which she was replaced by Diosvany Acosta Abrahante. The note on her departure from the UJC made it clear, according to the official language codes, that she was leaving on good terms to assume “new responsibilities in the Party”.

For an organization like the UJC, in which a part of its leaders have been ousted during their terms, and some of them have even been prosecuted, as is the case of Luis Orlando Domínguez, Morfa’s triumphant departure points to her continuing career in the PCC, where she is already a member of the Central Committee.

Although Morfa’s new position has not yet been officially announced, the website of the city of Matanzas presented her last June as being in charge of “attending to the political-ideological sphere” of the PCC in that province. The only partisan force allowed in the country is, moreover, enshrined in the Constitution as the “leading force” of the nation.

Susely Morfa González became famous for her combative performance at the Summit of the Americas in Panama in which she starred in several acts of repudiation and labeled as “lackeys, mercenaries, self-financed, underpaid by imperialism” the activists and exiles who participated in a parallel event with civil society.

In that performance, Morfa was questioned by a journalist from a Florida media outlet, who asked her about the resources with which she had paid for her passage and stay in Panama. In the response she gave to the cameras, she asserted that she had paid for her passage to Panama with her salary as a psychologist.

In Cuba, a health professional receives a monthly salary that does not exceed the equivalent of 50 dollars, while a round-trip ticket to Panama costs around 500. To that response the social networks responded with dozens of jokes, memes and criticism in which they called her “the millionaire psychologist”.

In 2016, Morfa was elected a deputy in the National Assembly of People’s Power and a member of the State Council. That same year she was appointed to the head of the UJC, after having held various positions in the youth organization, first in her native municipality of Rodas (Cienfuegos) and later as a provincial leader.


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