Strong Surveillance in Prison of Writer Angel Santiesteban / Dania Virgen Garcia

HAVANA, Cuba, January 7, 2014, Dania Virgen García / From the  Lawton prison settlement belonging to the Interior Ministry (MININT), a center that oversees construction materials for the manufacture of military housing, writer Angel Santiesteban Prats told this reporter that he is being subjected to arbitrary measures, and harassment.
On 4 January, a group of 19 prisoners was released on passes — prisoners who are being punished for crimes such as drug trafficking, murder, fraud, arms trafficking, economic crime, and human trafficking, among others. Santiesteban was alone with two guards and was watched around the clock. Shortly thereafter, in order to reinforce the monitoring, a jailer was sent from the Valle Grande prison, who stood in the doorway of the barracks from four in the afternoon until the following morning.

From the time he arrived, the new jailer watched him with suspicion, and the writer saw him several times, especially in the morning, watching him through the window of the barracks. This continued until the next day .

On the morning of the 6th, this jailer was reinforced with the arrival of another. The two guards are standing next to the third guard at the entrance of the barracks.

With the two mentioned above this is the fifth time the writer has been subjected to this arriving at the prison settlement on August 2nd. The famous artist accused of domestic violence and condemned to five years in prisons, expects to be subjected to an additional guard in a few days.

7 January 2014