Springboard for Pigeons / 14ymedio

A landing strip for pigeons (14ymedio)
A springboard/landing strip/patio/sundeck for pigeons (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 26 January 2016 — A short walk through the streets of Havana is enough to confirm the passion that goes into the care of pigeons among young people and teenagers. The cages and feeders with grains of beans and peas, such as the one seen in the photo, are everywhere. Many residents of multifamily buildings complain that “the boys have filled the roof with pigeons” and medical authorities warn of diseases that can be transmitted by the intensive breeding of this bird.

The most common types of pigeons are pouters, messengers and Moroccans, with shades ranging from gray and blue to smoky and white. Stealing pigeons is also the order of the day, and one of these animals can become the currency of exchange in countless transactions. A well-cared-for and beautiful pigeon can cost up to three days’ pay.