Spring Kidnappers / Rosa Maria Rodriguez

Arrest from the 2003 Black Spring. Image from “http://america.infobae.com/”

At present, despite the continued pervasiveness of the political police, which hinders the proper performance of our work, and systematically violates our rights and freedoms, harasses and threatens us with many years of jail, alternative civil society is strengthened numerically and ethically and works for certain outcomes, possible and definitely better for our country.

Those brave peaceful fighters — from the Black Spring of 2003 — were already released and some of them remain in the country. They were 75, but there are many more stories of errors and horrors of the government to discourage the opposition movement in Cuba. Nevertheless, this multiplied from 2003 and it is an intellectual and moral power that denounces the arbitrariness of the powerful and proposes politically democratizing alternatives to the redundant and systemic immobile modus operandi of the totalitarian regime.

I hope to God that that repressive episode with another sequence of arrests like in 2003 is not repeated, which would make even more difficult the necessary reconciliation between Cubans and prevent the permanent insertion of my country into the group of the world’s democratic nations.

21 March 2013