Spiritual Guide / Pedro Argüelles Morán

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The thinking of José Martí, our Apostle of Independence who, in my opinion, is a paradigmatic spiritual guide for our noble, dignified and peaceful civic struggle for respect for the rights and freedoms inherent to the dignity of the human person which, in a very stubborn way, are violated by Castro’s totalitarian regime.

This Martí thinking faithfully maintains its essential force in the midst of a tremendous crisis of fundamental values in contemporary Cuban society. I quote:

“Whomever sees his people in disarray and agony, no door visible to wellbeing and honor, either looks for the door or is not a man, or at least an honest man. He who is content with a situation of villainy is its accomplice. He is its accomplice whomever considers the remedy he preaches insufficient or impossible, and with a lie in his soul, continues to proclaim the insufficient or impossible remedy. Tyranny is not demolished with those who serve out of fear, indecision or selfishness.”

And there is no other alternative, if you want to live in freedom and democracy, to continue forever, going forward and without hatred or rancor and without the infamous vendetta in the honorable civic struggle to achieve the urgent and necessary transition towards a new democratic and genuine Cuba, where we can achieve the true rule of law and the masterful ideology Martí “with all and for the good of all.” Amen.

Note: Pedro Arguelles Moran, is a former Prisoner of Conscience member of the group of 75 prisoners of the Black Spring of 2003.

23 June 2012