Spain Offers Up To 200 Euroes in Emergency Aid To Its Nationals in Cuba

The Spanish Embassy in Havana. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 1 February 2018 — Cubans with Spanish nationality living on the island who can show they have “special needs” can now, like every year, apply at the Spanish Embassy in Havana for up to 200 euros a month in emergency aid.

To access this benefit, interested parties only have to meet the same requirements specified in previous years. Thay must prove their Spanish citizenship, be entered in the Consular Register, prove that they lack the means to support themselves, and be under 18 or over 65 or demonstrate that they are unable to work.

They must also fill out a form available on the Spanish Embassy’s website and submit it before the end of process on March 31.

The processing of applications for 2018 was announced last week by the Consul General of Spain, Marta de Blas, who reported that in 2017 this measure benefited 5,732 Spanish residents on the island, out of a total of 13,531 applications processed.

To facilitate the distribution of the subsidy, Madrid also allows Cubans with Spanish nationality living in the United States but who have a family member on the island who meets the requirements, to send the request to the Consulate on their relative’s behalf to help them in the process.

People without Internet access can obtain the form through the presidents of the Spanish regional entities represented in the Council of Spanish Residents, but it is also possible to obtain it in the Honorary Viceconsulates in the cities of Villa Clara, Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba.

Applicants must send the form to this address and with the following references: Consulate General of Spain in Havana. Help Section. Application 2018. Calle Zulueta nº 2 Esquina Cárcel. Havana 1 CP10100-Havana.

For years not only the central government, but also the regional executives of Spain have provided monetary benefits to their citizens on the island who lack resources.


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