Silvio Rodriguez Believes That “We Must Do Something” For Cubans Caught Between Costa Rica And Nicaragua / 14ymedio

The singer Silvio Rodriguez. (CC / Flickr)
The singer Silvio Rodriguez. (CC / Flickr)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 18 November 2015 — The Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez believes that “we must do something” for the close to 2,000 Cubans who are waiting at the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua in hopes of continuing their journey to the United States. “Having seen these countrymen carrying their children (the innocents of this bitter adventure), moves me deeply and mobilizes me,” the artist wrote this Wednesday in his blog.

Rodriguez denounced a “manipulation by the media and interests against Cuba, just at the time when the headlines are filled with terrorism and forced migration towards Europe.”

“Now the Costa Rican Foreign Minister launches the not at all providential ‘solution’ of building a bridge so that these two thousand Cubans will arrive at their destination. What a great man this gentleman is, doing this for Cubans, knowing full well that in the United States there is a law especially favoring the arrival of our people with dry feet,” added the singer.

“I haven’t seen news of a some pronouncement in favor of another group of Latin Americans. I only see the foreign minister making an international call in a resounding attempt for the moral legalization of the Cuban Adjustment Act (and incidentally ridding himself of a problem). Right now with the rapprochement between Washington and Havana that ‘law’ is on shaky ground. What a load of crap!” he writes.