Second in Diplomacy / Regina Coyula

Photo: Katerina Bampaletaki

The official note of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of August 4 caught my attention, where he condemns the position of the United Nations Security Council against the legitimate government of Syria. What’s new is that this note is signed by the Deputy Minister, as it has always been the minister himself, the name of he who holds the office, who is the signer.

Among the press reports there is no reference to the massacre in the city of Hama on the part of the government, which also occurred last week, nor has anything appeared about the abuses of the governments of Syria and Libya against their civilian populations. Never has the policy of double standards been better applied as when the official jargon speaks of the darts thrown against our government and its allies. We Cubans are going to be the next to last to learn that in this war the profile we were given about the good and the bad was wrong.

For my part, I would like it, if any of my readers have the slightest knowledge, to know how they transitioned power from Hafez to Bashar, if the road was blocked by any inconvenient law, or if they created the laws, to explain to me how the official note can call this government, which looks more like a monarchical succession, legitimate.

August 8 2011