Route P2 or 2 Feet / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

These "buses" are called "camels" because of the humps. They have a "crush load" capacity of 300 people.

Transport has once again become an unbearable nightmare. It seems that public transport in the Cuban capital will never stop being a problem for society.

The truth is that after the fall of the socialist bloc, Cuba entered the Special Period and little by little this service was affected, until it became an inconvenience for citizens. Although there was a small improvement after the arrival of the Chinese buses assigned to routes identified with the letter “P.”

Today in the year 2012, the deterioration of the main streets, the little concern for people, lack of maintenance of these buses, or their incredible overuse because of the huge demands in the capital, we “still don’t know what will be the outcome,” with transport in the capital taken to the limit.

Three years ago you never saw it, but today you see the lines to get into the private cars (called boteros) and they even have a kind of “piquera” (a sort of carpooling stand), on 21st street between L and M in Vedado, the street leading to the entrance of the Hotel Nacional.

Jose is one of the drivers who travels the route from Vibora to Vedado, and he said the increase in the number of people who choose the service while waiting for the bus. The sacrifice of spending 10 pesos in national money, is essential for some because otherwise they won’t get to work on time.

February 20 2012