Rock is Thrown Through the Window of a Havana Phone Store Last Night

The office of the State telecommunications company Etecsa on Obispo Street, in Old Havana, this Tuesday, with boards on the windows. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Juan Diego Rodríguez, Havana, 30 March 2022 — No one saw anything and few are talking, but the truth is that this Tuesday the office of the State telecommunications company Etecsa on Obispo Street, in Old Havana, woke up with a broken glass.

“They have already begun to break the windows of the Etecsa offices that sell in MLC (hard currency),” said the activist Ángel Cuza in a video transmitted through Facebook, while government Criminalistics agents were observed placing boards in the windows.

A curious customer who came in to buy a phone card asked the employee: “Are you going to fix it here, I see that you are boarding up the window?” The young woman replied: “No, no, it’s that there was an incident and they put that there until they change the glass.”

A neighbor residing on Havana Street, a few meters from the Etecsa office, told this newspaper that “at dawn we heard a noise but we didn’t look out.” The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, says that “this area is very noisy and until the wee hours you hear a lot of noise, music and voices, so we didn’t think it was important.”

The next morning, when he went downstairs, he found “a strong police operation and everyone commenting that someone had thrown a stone at the Etecsa window.”

Obispo Street, a pedestrian street widely used to walk through the historic center of Havana, “was practically blocked by the police and a criminalistics car.”

“They were asking the neighbors if anyone had seen something, but the same thing happened to everyone as had happened to me, I was sleeping at the time everything happened, which I calculate was around three in the morning, because I woke up and then I had a hard time falling asleep.”

The neighbor insists that “people were not very cooperative with the police because nobody here wants to be a snitch,” but he thinks: “That window was an ostentation with its very expensive telephones that nobody can buy, the strange thing is that no one threw a rock through it earlier.”


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