Reactionary and Intransigent

 I will be against Castro’s totalitarianism and I will demand justice for the Cuban people until my last breath.

Demonstration of the Cuban exile in October 2022, in Miami / 14ymedio

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Pedro Corzo, 12 May 2024 — Since my distant adolescence the terms “reactionary and intransigent” became popular in Cuba. Any individual who objected to the populist dictatorship of the Castro brothers, which became a totalitarian system a few years later, was branded with both epithets and placed on the path of being excommunicated by the Revolution, which meant being alone against the world, a decision that for the sake of decorum, many of us took.

There was a kind of chemistry between those young people that led to an almost immediate identification, responding to a saying of my late friend, Aquilino Álvarez Triana, “God created them and the Revolution unites them,” a kind of imitation of the title of that unforgettable film by Roger Vadim with the suffocating Brigitte Bardot.

Luckily, I was always among the reactionaries and intransigents. The right, as Ramiro Gómez calls it.

At first we rejected these accusations, but later we agreed that in the ocean of insults and permanent moral execution of Castroism they were the least offensive, in addition to reflecting reality because we were completely antagonistic to the dictatorship.

One cannot forgive the murderer who does not accept his crimes and even less forget the devastation that occurred in Cuba

We categorically rejected the firing squads, the criminalization of politics, the confiscation of property, religious persecution, the absolute control of information and the establishment of a police state that violated citizen rights in every way. We did not accept Fidel Castro’s conversion into God and that his most notorious henchmen made up a kind of Olympus.

I admit that el cintillo bothered me, but the enemy was and is right. The adjective is valid in Cuba and also in the United States, because I continue to repeat my behavior from more than 65 years ago, as I commented to my friend, the writer Jose Antonio Albertini.

I will be against Castro’s totalitarianism and I will demand justice for the Cuban people until my last breath. You cannot forgive the murderer who does not accept his crimes, much less forget the devastation that occurred in Cuba.

Intransigent, because I am in favor of Israel in its fight against the Hamas terrorists, who raped women, murdered children and held people hostage, while some very important NGOs, defenders of women, maintain a silence very similar to complicity by omission.

Against Vladimir Putin for having invaded Ukraine and being the best ally of Castroism and the despotisms of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia, while I criticize Luis Inacio Lula da Silva because I consider him one of the biggest frauds in Latin American politics.

I reject the theocracy of Iran for oppressing its people and seeking to destabilize the West.

I condemn China’s state capitalism for denying rights to its citizens and threatening Taiwan and the world. Its North Korean counterpart deserves the same repudiation.

I continue to refute the judicialization of politics in any country, including the United States, which unfortunately, like other Western countries, is putting its identity at risk due to the desire of some of its politicians to promote projects that lead to the atomization of our rights and opportunities.

There can be no sanctuaries for those who break the law, that is the beginning of chaos that will extinguish everything

I will be reactionary and uncompromising because I defend Law and Order. A criminal should never be equated with a decent person. A thief is both someone who steals 25 cents and several thousand. Both should go to prison, which is why I do not understand the lack of sanctions for those who steal objects of lesser value from businesses.

I believe in the death penalty and in the right of the couple to decide about pregnancy for as long as the law decides.

I will never understand that there are areas in a city that are outside the control of the authorities. There can be no sanctuaries for those who break the law, that is the beginning of chaos that will extinguish everything.

I am uncompromisingly against a society of privilege. No person has more rights than their peers, whether due to the color of their skin, religion or sexual orientation, adding that I reject gender ideology because the family, man and woman, is the fundamental pillar of society.

There is a lot to say about all these things and some, perhaps the majority, will not be well received, but as a citizen I firmly believe in the politically incorrect phrase of the apostle Jose Martí, “only the truth will permit us to don the manly toga*.”

 *Translator’s note: A phrase originally attributed to José de la Luz y Caballero (1800–62), an influential Cuban intellectual, referring to the white toga of adulthood given to boys in ancient Rome when they reached sixteen. 


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