Reaction / Laritza Diversent

[Translator: A post in an on-going series]

The first letter originated in “political factors,” a reaction described by the doctors as “disproportionate and unnecessary.” A Communist Party official in the town of Artemisa, publicly called them “shoddy practitioners.” The text was released by the complainants into the hands of the Party and the Hospital Union.

The youths were questions by provincial level officials, who used methods that ranged from “acts of repudiation,” disrespectful attacks at their work, and even threats to “suspend their titles” and other “administrative measures.”

Nevertheless, Sorelis Victor Castillo, the wife of plaintiff Vigoa Martinez, was removed from her post as Head of Service of the Dental Clinic of Artemis. The dentist was one of those who supported the initiative.

“This document has no double meanings, it is very clear in its thesis and does not deviate an inch from the truth,” said the specialists in medicine, referring to the first letter sent to the leadership of the ministry, for the purpose of calling for reflections on the nerve problems of the sector and demanding an urgent solution.

“Anyone read it… all those who signed it did it with full consent, of their own free will… just like those who didn’t… from fear of the consequences they barely mentioned it to us, all without exception sharing this opinion, even those who disagreed with the method uses which, incidentally, although unusual, is not remotely illegal.

March 21 2011