Politics or Humanity? / Juan Juan Almeida

It seems that an important part of the Cuban Jewish community, from fear or pressure, have turned their backs on the U.S. contractor,Alan Phillip Gross, age 62. I venture to predict he would not finish his sentence, nor even a couple of years of it, if his family and the lawyers tied to the case publicized the statement, using the vulnerability of the vulnerable, seeking understanding and support from certain members of the international Jewish community.

Of course I’m not referring to the unquestionable help a campaign would be, preceded by an open letter demanding release, signed by important people. I’m talking of a meeting, also in support, the good deeds of well-known Jews like my good friend Enrique Rotenberg, the enigmatic entrepreneur and Mossad retiree Rafael (Rafi) Eitan, or the charismatic French sugar producer Serge Versano, whose words carry weight and are heard in Cuba.

The Internet connection on the island is regulated and controlled, why dwell on that subject; but there is no legal prohibition. And according to the penal code, you can not punish what is not penalized.

The trifling “accessories” whom some blow out of proportion as an info-communications system, although they deny knowing the imprisoned American citizen, are merely descendents of the Ashkenazi and/or Sephardi eager for information. It’s not forbidden, and there is no social danger. The only contravention of the man condemned to 15 years has been to violate the customs regulations specific to a country, not the security of a State.

His accomplices are not dissidents nor opponents, but inexperienced or corrupt customs officials. And although there is talk of a subversive project of the United States government against Cuba, the only obvious motive is to discourage a miniscule group that is part of a marginalized community in a marginalized society.

Politics has no place; and espionage here, it’s too much. Even so, the Court for Crimes Against the Security of the State of the People’s Supreme Court, the highest organ of justice in Cuba, issued an order rejecting the challenges or other legal recourse. The government needs a piece to use as pressure, Alan Gross is its move. Now they sit back and wait, and as the bribe-able guardian fighting to complete their plan, the glorification of their testicular hypertrophy, they hide the pardon under the table in order to negotiate.

March 1 2012