Please send me a picture of the city I once knew… / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

18a 18b You are invited to personalize my utopictures. Just @sk me which slice of Habana you want me to shoot. At the end most of your wishes will be published back in this collective bluff. Let me know what you miss most, including Habana people, and in revenge I will cut this city in pieces of pics for you. You’re welcome!
18c 18d
Hola, Orlando:
Me too, if it’s possible, I would like a little piece of your Havana for me. It would be the Port of Havana, the bay, the view of Regla, Casa Blanca, maybe from the little ferry, whatever you can.

18e 18f Send me a card from Habana Bay. Just send me a card from Habayna. Untrue colors of twilight. Ruins and glam cathedrals. Tires tied with chains to the borders of this island without frontiers, hopefully to make it float astray. Nowhere isle. Ecological chimneys of Neversmoke. Hermetic Hermes on top. Madera’s marble Jesus staring us in proud abandon since December 1958. Raw architecture. Iron bones of underdevelopment. Public boats to cross from coast to coast in five definite minutes. Fuel smell. Containers. Hills as blue phantoms beyond horizon. I’ve heard it all, I even remember it well. But still send me a card from Habana Bay. You just send me a card from Habayna.