Photo of the Day: Homemade Entertainment

Endlessly laughing and screaming, spreading their contagious joy at being young, teenagers revel in a day of joy on the beaches of eastern Havana. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 5 April 2018 — Oblivious to any programs oriented toward recreation or culture conceived by official institutions, these young Cubans born at the beginning of the 21st century chose the beaches of eastern Havana’s coastline to make their own fun. As shown in this image, they danced for hours to the rhythm of reggaeton, laughing and shouting, their rejoicing at being teenagers completely contagious.

Their hips radiated a defiant sensuality, as if to say, “What’s it to me?!” It showed in the rhythmic shrug of their shoulders, in the desire with which they seemed to want to devour the present, and in the absolute certainty with which their thoughts of the future did not extend beyond the next minute. Their gestures and smiles aroused envy in more than one quiet swimmer.

In their midst, as an accomplice to their enormous joy, a portable speaker blasted the catchiest songs, and those with the jubilantly nastiest words, from this moment in time of that well-known urban music genre.


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