Peaceful Protest at Fraternity Park / Victor Ariel Gonzalez

Police Taking Demonstrators. Photo: Victor Ariel Gonzalez

HAVANA, Cuba, 19 August 2013, Víctor Ariel González / Last Saturday, August 17 at midday, a peaceful protest — pro Human Rights and against the Castro regime — took place in Fraternity Park, next to the Capitol Building in Havana.

At the time of this writing, this reporter did not know to which group the opposition protesters, about four people, belonged. The activists carried two signs made of cardboard and written in pen, where you could read the slogans: DOWN WITH THE DICTATORSHIP and LONG LIVE HUMAN RIGHTS. They also proclaimed similar phrases.

During the brief period of the event, before being repressed by the police, a crowd of onlookers stopped in front of the Island of Cuba store, where the event occurred. Many of them took the opportunity to document it on their mobile phones or digital cameras.

The deployment of law enforcement officers was disproportionate to the number of activists and the nature of the demonstration. They received no verbal or physical abuse in public, but were handcuffed and taken away in police cars almost immediately.

From Cubanet

19 August 2013