Part Seven? / Rosa Maria Rodriguez Torrado #Cuba

I do not understand how it occurred to the Sunday staff of the “Art 7″ movie theater to exhibit, on December 9th, an Indian film just when the 34th edition of the Latin American film festival is being celebrated in Cuba! I know that my compatriots from that environment have a high level of professional and cultural instruction and that in order to work in Cuban TV the aspirants must pass through several filters of ideological verification in order to prevent “politically disagreeable accidents” in that vital medium of mass circulation for governmental propaganda. As we all know, to err is human, and that program’s collective committed a blunder like anyone. I just want no upstart to want to take advantage of that slight fumble in order to go whisper in some intolerant ear abouthidden subtexts and intentions where perhaps there are none. Or are there?

Translated by mlk

Spanish post
December 19 2012