Opponents Beaten For Supporting Strike of Self-Employed / CID, Elena Yesmi

Olga y Yoel
Oscar Elias Biscet, Ricardo Medina, Olga LIlia Gonzalez, Enrique Martinez, Yoel Fonseca Machado

Santa Clara, 14 January 2014 – CID activists Yoel Fonseca Machado and Olga Lilia Gonzalez Barroso, said they were beaten and arrested by police officers, while trying to support a strike self-employed workers tried to carry out in 14 January in Santa Clara.

The police officers gave Yoel a strong blow to the head and he lost consciousness. Olga Lila also had bruises and abrasions on her body; she said they were places in a cell at the 3rd Police Station.

The activists explained that went to Barcelona Street between Cuba Street and Paseo de la Paz, at the request of some self-employed that were to be deprived of the site where they had been selling things for several years.

Yoel Machado Fonseca and Olga Lilia Gonzalez Barroso, liveat number 161 A Toscano Street, between Martí and San Vicente in Santa Clara, and are members of the Independent and  Democratic Cuba Party (CID ).

Marks left by handcuffs on Olga Lilia Gonzalez
Marks left by handcuffs on Olga Lilia Gonzalez

By Elena Yesmi, 14 January 2014