On the List of Cuban Repressors is the Man Who Signed the Prohibition Against Anamely Ramos Entering Cuba

Mario Méndez Mayedo and Néstor Morera Payrol, two Immigration officials included by the FDHC in its list of Cuban repressors. (Collage)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 28 February 2022 — The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC) incorporated this Monday in its database of Cuban repressors Lieutenant Colonel Néstor Morera Payrol and Colonel Mario Méndez Mayedo, officials of the Directorate of Identification, Immigration and Aliens of the Ministry of the Interior, for preventing activist and art curator Anamely Ramos from entering the Island.

In a statement, the NGO indicates that Morera Payrol was the signatory of the notification addressed to American Airlines in which it is made known that the opponent is considered “inadmissible in the Cuban national territory.”

The document was delivered by the airline to Ramos this Sunday, when she was prevented for the second time from boarding a flight from Miami to Havana, despite meeting all the necessary requirements for the trip.

Méndez Mayedo, for his part, is considered a “white-collar repressor,” indicates the FHRC, for being “the coordinator since 2016 of arbitrary immigration policies, including the aforementioned violations of the right to return.”

These measures are not only those known as “regulations” – the selective bans on traveling outside the country – but also the forced exiles that the government has used after the demonstrations on July 11 to get rid of the members of society who are critical and active against the regime.

The new files on these men, details the organization, include “personal and family information that is available to officials and parliamentarians of the United States and the European Union who request it, anticipating that if they are sanctioned under the respective Magnitsky legislation, the sanctions will be applied to them and their closest relatives.

The FDHC also announces the upcoming adding to the list Immigration officials, such as Colonel Lázaro Delgado Chaple and Colonel Mario Miranda Rivera.

Previously, the NGO included in that list Alberto González Casals, director of the Cuban International Press Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a dozen prosecutors, in addition to a judge, who participated in the trials of the 11J protesters.


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