On Key Factors, Havana Is Ranked As One of the Worst Cities in the World

The Cuban capital occupies position 536 overall among the 1,000 cities included in the Oxford Economics Global Cities Index

Averaging all sections, Havana is ranked 536th of the 1,000 cities in the index / 14ymedio

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Mexico City, 24 May 2024 — Havana, the only Cuban city in the Global Cities Index carried out by Oxford Economics, ranks among the worst in 2024, on several factors. The ranking, which measures governance, human capital, quality of life and economy, places it in some cases very low in the table of a total of 1,000 cities.

Specifically, the area of ​​governance, which evaluates decision-making and application of public ordinances, but also the business environment, political stability and civil rights, is the measure on which it fared the worst, with 828th place.

It does not do much better in the economy – where GDP, economic diversity and job growth are analyzed – where it earned 818th place.

Regarding quality of life, which measures longevity, per capita income and internet speed, it is also found in the second half of the table, in place 529

The area in which Havana has the most success is the environment. Having analyzed air quality or natural disasters, the report places the capital in 203rd place.

It doesn’t do much better in the economy, where it gets 818th place

In the final balance, after averaging all the sections, Havana is in 536th place of the 1,000 cities in the index.

Havana’s poor results in the Oxford Economics report contrast with United Nations estimates for Cuba. For 2023-2024, for example, the UN Human Development Index (HDI) places the Island in 85th place worldwide.

The ratings also include life expectancy in the country, which is 78.2 years, and the annual per capita income of Cubans, which was set at $300, in 2022.

It also contrasts with the inclusion of the city, in 2016, as one of the seven “Wonder Cities of the Modern World,” by thousands of people in the Swiss foundation New7wonder contest.

The ranking includes life expectancy in the country, which is 78.2 years, and the annual per capita income of Cubans, which was set at $300, in 2022.

Havana appeared on the list of 1,200 candidates from 220 countries. An online vote placed the city among 77 finalists who were reduced to the 28 official candidates by a commission of experts. Along with the Cuban capital, Beirut (Lebanon), Doha (Qatar), Durban (South Africa), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), La Paz (Bolivia) and Vigan (Philippines) appeared.


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