Now We Are Really On Our Way / Rebeca Monzo

The discourse is once again repeated. The criticisms start to dissolve, without any first names or last names, but implying all of us, or all of us except a certain few. In sum, the same situation as always.

Hearing all the latest calls for austerity, the reading of the Guidelines, the imminent unemployment rate, etc., reminded me of something Cicero, the grand philosopher, once said:

“The budget should balance itself. Treasure should be re-stocked. Public debt should be reduced. Arrogance among those who take on important public roles should be moderated and controlled. And foreign aid to other countries should be eliminated in order to save Rome from bankruptcy. The people must once again learn how to work, as opposed to living at the expense of the State.”

Year 55 B.C.

I ask myself, now who are we going to blame?

Translated by Raul G.

December 21, 2010