Note About Threat From State Security / For Another Cuba, Estado de Sats

Today the UNPACU* activist and promoter of the campaign For Another Cuba, Yosbel Ramos Suárez, has been summoned to a police station. He is being interrogated by an official named Tamayo, who is warning him that there will be no concert at Estado de Sats tomorrow, they will not allow it.

The concert scheduled for tomorrow will be the first in a serious of artistic actions to support the campaign For Another Cuba, which is demanding that the government ratify the United Nations Covenants which it signed on 28 February 2008 in New York.

David D. OMNI will be the host and as guests there will be the reggae group Estudiantes sin semilla (Students Without Seeds), the rapper Anderson, and the poets Amaury Pacheco and Luis Eligio Pérez of OMNIZONAFRANCA.

State Security has deployed strong police operations around recent meetings held at Estado de SATS and made dozens of arrests to intimidate and to try to close this space.

We will hold the concert.

Cuba will change if you want it to!!

*Patriotic Union of Cuba

27 September 2012