No Secrets / Regina Coyula

Last week a reader wrote me worried for my security after reading my name in the Diario de Cubaamong the working team for the citizen initiative For Another Cuba. I want to tell to my dear virtual friend and others that share her concern, that it’s a shared choice to do this in the most transparent way, in the end it’s about ratifying some pacts that would consolidate Cubans’ rights as full citizens. It’s good to remember, the government has already taken the first step by signing these pacts four years ago.

I don’t feel any risk working on this initiative, but if I’m wrong, it would confirm the exhaustion of more than a half century of order and command; it would confirm the need for a democratic opening in my country, and the need that we Cubans finally be allowed to enter the XXI century.

Translated by @Hachhe

September 13 2012