News of a “Repudiation Rally” / Yoani Sánchez via Twitter

3 minutes ago
They are calling all the high school and medical students in Havana to go to Villalon Park.
13 minutes ago
They said in my son’s school that anyone who doesn’t go to the repudiation rally in Villalon Park better have a very good excuse.
16 minutes ago
Do the international organizations know that in Cuba they use minors for ideological confrontations.
19 minutes ago
UNICEF should speak out about using minors as “Brown Shirts” against the dissidence.
20 minutes ago
Why don’t they send their own children to these displays of anger? Why use ours to confront all Cubans?
21 minutes ago
No one is going to use the offspring from my womb as cannon fodder for their shock troops. Teo is staying home!
23 minutes ago
In Jose Miguel Perez High School they are calling on all the students to go to Villalon park for a repudiation rally.
24 minutes ago
The Ladies in White are marching right now, the miracle of possible plurality. The gladioli can do more than the beards.
32 minutes ago
Darsi Ferrer and his wife were going to Villalon Park for a Human Rights march when they were intercepted.