News From Yamil / Yamil Domínguez

From the translator:

As there have been no posts on this blog for quite a while, I have chosen to update it by copying recent posts on Twitter from Yamil’s family. Following are two “tweets” from today:

# Yamil Domínguez InjustNotoria

Ayer visitamos a Yamil, él se recupera notablemente, pero su streé aumenta cada día más.

Yesterday we visited Yamil, he is recuperating well, but his stress grows every day.

# Yamil Domínguez InjustNotoria

No tenemos ninguna noticia, ni ningún resultado. Estamos desesperados por tanta demora. Yamil tiene que ser LIBRE lo antes posible.

We have no news, nor any results. We are desperate due to so much delay. Yamil has to be FREE as soon as possible.

September 8, 2010