My First Post of 2012 / Mario Lleonart

Today, January 9, I can post my first post of the year. It was my first chance on the internet in this country where the connection is a luxury that few can have. Some may wonder how in the world of the global village it is that it is only on the ninth day of the year that I have managed to publish something. Others will say what a privilege! And the vast majority of those who inhabit this archipelago will have no internet access of any kind in all of 2013.

The most important thing is that I take advantage of this little connection for my first post for, despite all the pessimistic forecasts and ill omens I wish everyone who reads my words the best in this new year that has just begun. I do not know when I will to connect again, I will try to schedule a new post for next Wednesday the 16th on which some celebrate the Day of Freedom of Religion. The truth is that my hugs and my prayers are for everyone right now. I wish with all my heart, may God bless you.

January 9 2013