Message from Jorge Ángel Pérez / POLEMICA: The 2007 Intellectual Debate

A further lapse in judgment just happened on Cuban television: Luis Pavón, one of the most frightful and terrible people in the history of Cuban culture, just received praise on the Cubavisión program, Imprint.

In those days when so many lashed out against “The Difference,” I suppose, I hope, that they also are pointing now to this nonsense that is so absurd, and please allow me the tautology.


January 6, 2007

Message from Jorge Angel Pérez to Sifredo Ariel

Of course, dear, I saw, with these eyes that the earth will swallow, the program Imprint, where that old man appeared. No one could believe, if you looked at his face, that he had left any mark. As we all know, yes, he left a trace, but it was unfortunate. I agree with you about the national awards or those who suffered from the “Pavo-Nato,” those who should speak out, testify, demand; but I don’t think, Sigfre, that we should be just spectators, critical observers or spectators who follow television. It’s true, as you say, we do not live in those times, but you, I, and many others of our generation know how terrible it was for them. And also how terrible another Pavón would be for everyone.

A kiss.
Jorge Ángel

Message from Jorge Angel to Reynaldo González

Rey, I’m still connected with this story, and I think that we shouldn’t let it slip out of our hands. The days can pass and in a few days we’ll have Ana Lasalle as the winner of the National TV Award and later, Aldana as president of the ICRT.

A hug.
Jorge Angel

January 6, 2007

Translated by Regina Anavy