Message from Esteban Morales / POLEMICA: The 2007 Intellectual Debate #Cuba

Dear Rogelio,

It appears to me that your observations are very wise. As you know very well, I arrived at the Office of the School of Political Science and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities two years later, with the ashes still hot from the ”last battle,” the lassos brandished to hang “the children of the Revolution”; the Saturns* were passing by our Colina* in these moments.  dark time, which fortunately today we have already overcome and to which we won’t allow anyone to return us.

The revolutionary intellectuals of this country, can not return to the dark stage of the cavernous combination that occurred in those years between ideology, culture and mass media. Attempts to resurrect those dead on television, where they could confuse so many and even change their history, belong to opportunists.

The Revolution has matured a lot. But we must be alert, because it is precisely at those moments we are experiencing in these months, those who lend themselves to the revanchists, the dusting off of corpses and the opening of tombs. I don’t think we’re confronting ingenuousness.  And if they are ingenuous, they wouldn’t have the power to appear on TV.


Dr. Esteban Morales

*Translator’s notes:
Saturns: The myth of Saturn devouring his children is a popular Cuban reference point.
Colina: Reference to the area where the University of Havana is Reference to the area where the University of Havana is located

January 2007