Mariela Castro and Her Aunt Emma Inaugurate the Angel Castro Birthplace in Galicia

Mariela Castro at the door of the birthplace of her grandfather, Ángel Castro, and her aunt Enma (wearing a multi-colored shirt). (TheVoice of Galicia)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Madrid, 29 June 2022 — Mariela Castro, deputy to the National Assembly of Peoples Power, director of the National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex) and daughter of Raúl Castro, on Thursday accompanied her aunt, Enma Castro at the inauguration of the Ángel Castro House Museum in Láncara, Lugo. The museum finally bears the name of Fidel Castro’s father, versus the name Casa Láncara that appeared on its website.

A chronicle published in the newspaper La Voz de Galicia gives an account of the tour carried out this Thursday in the small Galician town, beginning at 11 in the morning when the Municipal Council received the Island’s ambassador to Spain, Marcelino Medina González, and the two women, accompanied by several other members of the extended family. Local and regional authorities were also present at the event.

“Half of my blood is Galician. Here I thank God that I had Don Ángel as my father, who together with my mother bequeathed us values ​​that have helped me a lot in life,” Enma Castro said emotionally when signing the book of honor.

The words of her brother Raúl were also heard through the voice of Mariela Castro, who read a letter written for the event by her father. “I remember Fidel’s visit in 1992 and mine in 2005 to the old family home in whose house a plaque remembers Ángel as the Galician who emigrated to Cuba where he planted trees that still flourish,” the letter said.

The guests enjoyed a meal in the open air in an oak grove. (The Voice of Galicia)

Raúl Castro also celebrated the destiny of what was his father’s birthplace, hoping that it would be a tribute “to the children of Galicia who crossed the Atlantic and to their descendants.”

The reading of the letter took place after the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, in front of the new museum, and after a stop at the Plaza Cívica, where the emigration exhibition has been installed.

Several images portray the festive day, with outdoor food included, in which the deputy danced to the sound of bagpipes.

The president of the Láncara-Cuba Friendship and Solidarity Association, Antonio Rubén Sobrado Carballo, stressed that the inauguration had been planned by choosing “a very special day, an important day” for Láncara. “It is no coincidence. It coincides with the thirtieth anniversary of the visit that Fidel Castro and Manuel Fraga made to the house at the time,” he stated.

Sobrado highlighted the work that was done to recover the house by maintaining “the same architectural system that it had in the past,” so that elements such as “the walls, the roof, the wood are almost intact. In addition, he thanked the Office of the Historian of Havana for its role in structuring the museum content, since it took care of “the infographics” and part of the “museum content.”


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