Mariela Castro a Dissident and Me an Opponent / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

I was surprised listening to the words of Mariela Castro, in the United States, calling herself a dissident. I picture her as a kingbird on a clothesline, waiting to see where the food is thrown out. Then, she comes down and eats.

I categorize her words as imprecise. And her speech, I would dare to assure you, was put together with guidance from Dr. Alberto Roque, who usually travels with her in many of her trips as her manservant. In case that you are unaware, he is one of the people who even advises her, sometimes, on what to wear.

We would have to ask Mrs. Mariela Castro the reason why she is calling herself a dissident. I don’t understand what things she disagrees with, and even less, what she is not satisfied with because she has never had enough courage to complain about anything before the Cuban press, or before her followers on the island.

Her visit will trigger a lot of debate at the international level, and it is already marked by strong discrepancies among Democrats and Republicans. Now I ask: who is the crazy person that gave a visa to this representative of the most long-lasting dictatorship in Latin America? Whose idea was it to let into the United States someone who is trying to hide the reality that  the Cuban LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual) community lives? Now, I would dare to say from any podium that I don’t know who we are fighting against, if even dictators and their puppets find refuge in the United States of America.

Is not Mrs. Mariela Castro constantly denouncing the the very government that granted her the visa for supposedly financing independent LGBT groups to sabotage her work? Now I know for sure that whoever let this person into the supposed home of democracy has completely lost their marbles. Or is it, perhaps, that Mr. Obama decided to offer a visa to someone who says that, if she lived in the United States, she would vote for him. Someone who, when in Cuba, joins with her group of buffoons in charging that the LGBT community receives USAID funds from the American government? We have a number of questions, but now is not the time.

What had to be avoided happened.  The Cuban government sent those who are promoting a new image of the regime taken on by Raul Castro. It sent those who want to promote a type of dialogue for which many of us are not prepared. We are not willing to share our leadership in our story with those who have sunk us in hatred, misery and in the disintegration of our motherland values and of the Cuban family as the hardcore of our society, for more than five long decades.

It would be impossible to sustain a dialogue with those who have punished us and have forced us to coexist with people who insist on being deaf to the demands of the Cuban people. The LGBT community does not want a dialogue anyway, neither does it feel it is represented by someone who is trying to bribe the world with phrases and smiles from the worst play ever staged, titled, The Faggoty Cuban State, under the artistic direction of someone who wants a career in drama because she wasn’t able to finish her doctorate. 

We have to ask what is the supposed Human Rights of the LGBT community in Cuba, which Marielita, daddy’s girl, who confesses to being heterosexual and who now says she is a dissident, identifies with and is committed to. Is she pretending to call the one or two night clubs, in Havana, with shows and techno music for the LGBT community, Human Rights?

Are we calling the few days dedicated to the struggle against homophobia and the street parades, whose number of participants is decreasing every year, Human Rights?

Isn’t police persecution at LGBT gathering places, detentions, and fines to the members of this community for wandering around at night or for visiting areas designated for tourists only some of the things she also feels identified with?

If we start asking all of these questions, it would never end, and the majority of them would not have an answer, as usual. I am one of those who thinks that we have time to see and judge, but what a pain that after we’ve committed our time, we wake up in the middle of something we’ve never imagined.

Does anyone know the exact number of workers who have resigned working with the person who today is claiming herself to be in defense of Human Rights, and the reasons why?

Does anyone know how many ex-workers from the CENESEX live outside of Cuba today? Can anyone tell me what happened to the medical history files of the person who is today Daniela Pulido, a beautiful woman transsexual who after deserting from a meeting in Canada a few years ago, lives today in the United States? Can anyone tell me why after she ran away from the official authorities she has not been able to go back and visit her loved ones?

Oh, Humanity, we are taking steps without knowing the level of complicity we are getting into. Let’s stop for an instant and think if our actions are the right ones and whether we are actually honoring ourselves in whatever position we have.

This is my small contribution. Today I know I am writing from home, but tomorrow I don’t know where I will be writing from. And in case that you stopped reading me, just look far out into the distance and repeat with me: damn those who continue being complicit with silence, it will end whether, they want it to or not.

Oh, Saint Damned Mariela, who claims herself the patroness of Homosexuals, quickly allow all the freedoms which you serve on your father’s table, as the most delicious delicacies, and if this story does not have a happy ending I charge you to be responsible for the consequences.

Now this is getting good, Mariela Castro dissident, and I continue to be an Opponent.

June 6 2012