Magnicharters Airline Suspends Flights Between Cuba and Nicaragua as of June

The Mexican airline is a subsidiary of Magnicun and Magnibus and began operations in 1994. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 10 April 2022 — As of June 30, the Mexican commercial airline Magnicharters is ending its operations that connect Cuba with Mexico, which included a stopover for its route to Managua, in Nicaragua, according to the Cuban Directory. “Any doubt or clarification, travelers should verify it with the agency that has sold them the flight.”

The airline, a subsidiary of Magnicun and Magnibus and which began operations in 1994, assured that so far there have been no cancellations of its already scheduled flights. Including several tour operators from Mexico, led by Viajes Bojórquez, which promote flights to Havana during Holy Week. They have six weekly flights using Boeing 737-300 planes, with capacity for 136 passengers.

Magnicharters had become the way out of the Island, after without explanation, the Mexican Viva Aerobus announced the suspension of its flights from Cuba to Managua although it maintains the Monterrey-Havana route, which began operations this Saturday.

In that desperate struggle to leave Havana is Mayelin. Last February she saw her exit route cut short, when the Panamanian airline Copa Airlines let her know that it had rescheduled her flight for April.

“I couldn’t leave because Panama didn’t grant me a transit visa to leave with my son,” she tells 14ymedio. Her husband, who is in the United States, despaired at the ending of flights by Viva Aerobus and looked for other alternatives.

An acquaintance told them that there was a person, “one of those who buys all the seats on the plane and then sells them,” and through him she managed to buy tickets for this Monday. “The flight makes a stopover in Cancun and from there to Managua.” Her husband, who lives in the United States, paid $4,500 for her ticket for her and $1,500 for their son’s.

Last Wednesday, the governments of Cuba and Mexico concluded the fifteenth round of talks on the migration issue where both parties committed to “guaranteeing a regular, orderly and safe flow of travelers.”

The transit of Cuban migrants continues through Mexico. This Friday, nine natives of the island were arrested in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the state of Oaxaca, as they were traveling hidden in a tractor-trailer with 46 people from Guatemala, five from El Salvador and 2 from Honduras, reported Migration in a statement.


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