Lima and Cruz / Lilianne Ruíz

The Lima Cruz sons
In this universe of disinformation snippets of news nevertheless filter out that we’d  go out and look for if there were more resources. These essential resources are demonized on national television. And what happens to us — the disgrace and misery a family suffers, that many families suffer — waits on the State which is sunk in silence. This post needs to come out quickly, despite some gaps in it.

The Lima Cruz family is in disgrace, their voices are silenced. A heart can break on this Island and there are too many deaf people in the world and the natives don’t have sufficient means to fight it, without violence, injustice. Unwanted violence, but even so condemned to failure and the worst reprisals. A Saturnian energy seems to run through the body of the Island. It’s imperative that someone more influential than I respond with pity to the lonely, the abused: the Lima Cruz family has two sons in prison, resisters, which in Cuba means hell. This morning we received a message from a friend who has knowledge of it that the Lima Cruz couple, the father and mother of the two sons in prison, have also been arrested by the political police.

The cause alleged by the prosecutor for incarcerating the two young men last year, according to what I understand, was “insult to patriotic symbols.” Does anyone remember that Cuban flag signed by the Maximum Leader that Núñez Jiménez hung at the North Pole? Is there a greater outrage to a national symbol than to stamp a signature on a Cuban flag? What is the difference between these young men and that proud signer?

It’s too bad I don’t have time to find that picture which, years ago, perhaps in my childhood, was published in the newspaper Granma or Juventud Rebelde (Rebel Youth) and that no one stopped to think was an outrage to the flag with the solitary star.

The Lima Cruz parents

I don’t know the details of the Lima Cruz couple but to suffer their sons, two young men, being in prison subjected to cruel treatment, degrading to their human condition, fed up because we know what happens in Cuban prisons today without anyone stopping it, it’s too much for the parents. Does anyone doubt that?

However, the families of the five officers of the Ministry of Interior, colleagues of those who persecute and imprison these people for disagreeing with the regime that we suffer by force, prisoners in the United States, have sufficient financial resources to undertake an international campaign; and as citizens of this country we have no right to judge if the money spent and the cause they defend in fact may be shared by Cubans on the island and we have to watch helplessly as they teach it to our children in the schools without asking even the parents’ permission and asking them if they agree with their children learning the litany of names.

It’s as if tomorrow the schoolchildren had to repeat the names — which aren’t even names but pseudonyms of spies and enemies of the people — of “Volodia,” a huge black man trained to break the homes of every opponent known. Octavio, Alejandro: All ready to kill for the leader, to abuse the rights of the people, at least of a decided part of the people.

Could there be a difference between these agents and the “Cuban Five” across the sea? Aren’t they from the same school? Don’t they defend the same cause? How much do they pay the American attorney who doesn’t decide to first visit the political prisoners and find out who the resisters are in Cuba?

Didn’t they station the colleagues of the Five outside the house of Antonio Rodiles last Friday, where those stationed there the same colleagues of the agent “Volodia,” a kind of “King Kong,” who threatens unarmed men knowing that he is covered by an army and a legal system absolutely full of traps and arbitrariness where they manufacture evidence and false testimonies, where they arrest a person and keep him in prison as long as they want?

The supporters of the Cuban Revolution should come to suffer this, otherwise before supporting the Calvary and the cross of this people, they should go to seek the truth or admit to being worse than our captors.

Remember the Lima Cruz family and do something for it.

August 14 2012