Lilianne Ruiz’s Bio From Her Blog / Lilianne Ruiz #Cuba

lilianneindexI was born in Havana on November 30, 1976. I finished high school and wanted to study law but looking over the field, once I matriculated, I recognized the abysmal difference between what I understood about justice and the history of thinking and the textbooks. I immediately abandoned it, that was in 2003.

I stayed in the San Juan de Letran library reading books of poetry and mysticism as if looking at myself in the mirror, taking refuge in my inner world without any responsibility for the reality of my country, like so many people.

But when I became a mother I realized that responsibility is unavoidable and that I didn’t want to give my daughter my past as her future and that the problem of the totalitarian and ideological government in Cuba profoundly affects the spiritual life and fate of each person.

So I decided to participate in changing my country and transcending the boundaries of my own ego in the act of loving my neighbor as myself, as taught by the Gospels. The power that I find, and the hope, makes me believe in God.