Lawyer for ‘Man With the Flag’ Will Request His Release With a Medical Report

Daniel Llorente has been hospitalized for five months and detained for six. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 2 November 2017 — Daniel Llorente, the man who waved an American flag during the May Day parade in the Plaza of the Revolution, has hired a lawyer this week to help get him out of the psychiatric hospital in Havana popularly known as Mazorra.

The lawyer has requested a report on the mental state of Llorente with which to request his release, explained Eliezer, son of the activist, who is working with the doctor who attends his father to deliver the document.

“The doctor has always told my dad that he is a sane man,” so “let’s hope that next week they will give me the paper with that in writing and that there will be no surprises,” Eliezer Llorente told 14ymedio. In the psychiatric hospital they informed him that it will take “at least a week to prepare the paper.”

The son of the man known as “the man with the flag” hired a lawyer from the Collective Law Firm located on Aguacate Street between Sol and Muralla in Old Havana. “I signed a contract with her to represent my father so he can leave the hospital,” says the young man.

The head of Public Health at the Council of State and several officials of the Office of Attention to the Population of the Supreme Court advised Eliezer Llorente to seek a lawyer to represent his father.

The activist has been detained for six months, first in the detention center known as 100 and Aldabó for a month, and now for five months in the psychiatric hospital without receiving treatment, he denounced by telephone to 14ymedio.

Both the father and the son report that the internment in the psychiatric hospital is being used in retaliation for having raised the United States insignia during a parade that the ruling party always touts as a show of support for the Government.

In May 2016, he celebrated the arrival of the Adonia cruise ship in Havana also with a US flag, and was arrested and detained for 24 hours.