International Editing / Fernando Dámaso


In Cuba, the news aired by international agencies, is not directly disclosed to the public in its original form, but passed through a, ideological sterilization process, where it is stripped of everything that the authorities consider harmful or counterproductive. They don’t think of what they do as limiting information, but rather as caring for the mental health of the population. Remember, at least officially, we are a medical power.

In the end, through a so called international writing, in their approved version, they are released to the national media. As ordinary citizens we are forbidden to think for ourselves, the always paternalistic government, is charged with constructing this political and ideological mush, much easier to digest without making any mental effort.

Thus, according to international editing, at the time the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, Saddam Hussein, Mullah Omar and Gaddafi were all winning. Years before, it was the Soviets who were winning. Time proved that the international editing and reality were somewhat distant from each other.

In recent weeks, the issue of Syria has been on the table. We all agree that is a complex problem requiring a high dose of responsibility by the parties in conflict, and that reason will prevail. Over here, the international editing presents the Syrian opposition as criminals, mercenaries, traitors and murderers. It also rejects the provision of economic and military resources by other countries who sympathize with them. It is assumed that the system of El-Assad, inherited from his father, despite more than twenty years in power, is legal and constitutional and should be respected.

First things first, two steps back and one step forward. First, no dictatorial regime extended over time can claim legality. So, it is normal that it is opposed by those who disagree with it.

Second, no opposition movement has prevailed without foreign military and economic aid. Our wars of independence would have been impossible without resources and weaponry sent from abroad. Multiple shipments were arriving in the country in those years, carrying men and arms: from Narciso Lopez to Jose Marti this was a constant.

More recently, the yacht Granma arrived from Mexico laden with men and weapons, as did other successive expeditions, in addition to the weapons to be brought on airplanes.

Third, to the authorities, those who oppose them, either peacefully or violently, will always be criminals, mercenaries, traitors and murderers. Over here they don’t seem to remember that before taking power, the present rulers were also called these names. With the glories memories are forgotten!

Instead of such media manipulation, it would be healthy to show a little more respect for citizens and to value their intelligence. In short, in the street, the most and least, have learned in fifty years to read between the lines and extract the truth from so much political trash. As much as they stress, and even put pundits with their puffed-up voices in front of the cameras and microphones, or feature their pens in the newspapers, the majority recognize them as fakers in the pay of the government, and while they can’t fire them at least that can turn off the TV and radio and stop reading the press.

Better to watch an interesting movie, to hear good music, or to read a novel. Anything before being blasted with international editing!

April 11 2012