In Havana Stickers Will be Put on the Houses Suspected of Having Covid Cases

“Stay at home, for your family, for ours, for everyone,” says the sticker the authorities have distributed to identify the homes where there are quarantined people, suspected of having Covid or of being contacts of positive cases. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 20 October 2020 — Havana authorities will reinforce the surveillance of the homes where people live who are suspected of having Covid-19, or who might be contacts of positive cases. The capital’s Provincial Defense Council (CDP) insisted on this Monday, calling for “efficient home isolation of contacts and suspected cases.”

The local press is reporting the statements of Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, president of the Council, and Reinaldo García Zapata, vice president: “It is essential to insist on the control and participation of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), the Federation of Cuban Women and the People’s Power.” To fulfill their mission successfully, they continue, “they must have contacts with their superior organs and maintain permanent check ins.”

The objective is to know “through supervisory actions, what is happening with household income, if the protocols are being followed, if the neighborhoods have the conditions to serve these families and make sure that everything is done well.”

This includes stickers to identify homes with isolated people, which they say were distributed this Tuesday. The next day, some of these stickers were already visible in houses near Zanja Street, Centro Habana, where a new quarantine zone is reported.

The CDP also asks “the inspection bodies” to enforce regulations such as the incorrect use of masks or the presence in the streets of children without the necessary protection.

This weekend, authorities report, 384 fines were imposed, 184 of them for violations of hygienic-sanitary regulations.

The Council stressed that “current indicators for the pandemic are favorable and at the same time the capital is taking on other battles for the economy and services,” again calling for electricity consumption “to be reduced in homes, in the face of current usage rates slightly above what is in the plans.”

Of the 3,592 samples analyzed the day before, according to official data, only four tested positive for the coronavirus. Three of them had already been admitted to hospitals, suspected of being infected, and one was identified “in a risk group investigation.”

Twenty-five active outbreaks persist in the capital. At the end of the day one person had died of Covid in Havana and four patients were in intensive care.


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