If I Forget Everything… / El Sexto – Danilo Maldonado Machado

El Sexto artwork

What can I say if I forget everything. Nothing, not even that and not the word nothing. So I carry a load of recordings of the past, what was learned. As if every atom in me, unknowingly or unwittingly, has a file in the autopilot.

Everything I see or I suffer first hand I project into the future as an equation of time. So that the present must exist in the past and the future, and vice versa. All three are very close together. There are some codes of my own personality in all this: a) I am somewhat mystical or metaphysical, on the spiritual side; b) I have always above the other charge, the communist, having been raised when the political context was the most important, or almost the only context.

We know well that it is the rulers who manage literature, education and of course the history that will be diligently read by children and students. Still, knowing it makes it difficult to get away from this fucking inheritance to be as free as I feel or even to try to be.

I logically deduce that my lightweight philosophy has an interesting social mix and a varied content in intelligences and historical realities, which from school — and brought into the subconscious later in American movies, especially those of a certain capitalist didacticism, which we have seen the whole time since we were young — have developed in a progressive way: like a thought comes from another inferior to turn itself into a superior, Cuban youth, the not-so-young dissidence and the independent groups of artists, have become a bit of philosophers as well.

All these people try every day to oppose a force majeure (currently the dictatorship) and not only are making the immediate future possible for all of us — not now for our grandchildren — but little by little this handful of rebel minstrels is flowing, and influencing, in this interesting present of the Island. One could say, then, that they are, from the underground, the most legitimate of society, they are the truth in Cuba.

These representatives of authentic Cuba have been Los Aldeanos, working with portable recorders and singing out on homemade equipment. Porno Para Ricardo, with its playful and yet gritty punk rock. OMNI, those performance artists, all of them poets, singers, special as only they are in their Zonafranca. Yoani Sanchez from technology, shining in independent journalism. And the Ladies in White, as a non-governmental social group who for the first time took the streets of Havana in their strong systematic way. All these people describe a true rebellious before and after of social activity in Cuba, up to the newer projects like Estado de Sats.

Countless young people, and those no longer so young, with their perseverance and respect for the work they do, never disappeared nor will they disappear: they are part of the NOW of our reality of technological devices, not State TV, of the most diverse digital media that allowed their immortality, so that no one will forget it.

I remember everything!

17 April 2012