I Invite You to Believe Me When I Talk About the Future / Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez #Cuba


CHAVEZLic. Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez

All or almost all of us think about the FUTURE, but is this future certain or uncertain?

From the time we’re little with a future filled with fantasies of what we would like it to be, we take as reference the attitudes and skills of the people around us and try to be like them, but Time, as it reflects the Past, Present and the Future, very discreetly, is telling us that we are entering a new phase of our lives, almost without realizing it, as we reach adolescence, and here we begin to see that the stages of life form a part of the Past and we are consuming the Present. OH! Beautiful adolescence, that gives the green light to our longings and loves without demanding much from us, but imperceptibly, we also live a Past and a Present without abandoning our childhood, with all its dreams and fantasies.

In this stage of our lives, we adopt patterns that are offered to us a main course, at home, in school, in activities and with that characteristic ingenuity we digest everything that appears before us, there are no insurmountable barriers, or unattainable goals, everything is possible, we have the strength for it, relentless time seems not to concern us, so we don’t take advantage of today, there will be so much time tomorrow.

A defining moment is adulthood, with past experience to build on, we plot new goals, new objectives, new aspirations, new projects. Henceforth, we begin new adventures and misfortunes, disappointments, frustrations that will collide with this harsh reality, which in fact is more demanding, but despite all this, we persist in our efforts, nothing can stop us, we have a horizon ahead, envision the future, we envision our breadth.

When we start a new school everything is guaranteed: pencils, notebooks, books and all that is needed to start, as reported (past tense), but the irreverent Today we make a bad play; when it comes time to purchase school uniforms, a dilemma begins. The size usually does not correspond to the current (present tense) size of the student, as it was taken in the middle of last year and apparently did not take into account the growth that occurs from one period to another; however, the Industry delivers the uniforms that were already planned for, and it us now up to tailors and seamstresses to play their role, and less affluent parents must apply their own wits at home.

Back in the classroom, there is another disappointment. There are no teachers, that is teachers to start the school year, but as I already said, everything is guaranteed (from the present, look to the future); for this reason, it’s time to improvise, to unleash the imagination. Anyway there will be a Happy New Year.

With the avatars in the past, at last we come to graduation as technicians or professionals. It has been said that placement is guaranteed (future tense), the truth is that those who do have guaranteed placement are those who go to military service. The other side of the coin is to find a placement, taking into account all the labor restructuring process being carried out, implying that workers are “available,” (as the officials like to say), which means unemployed.

One option that is very popular is self-employment, this method ignores the mechanisms of selection, admission fees, expert committee, no performance evaluation, or defined duties, nor anything like that.

It should be clear that when someone embarks on the exercise of self-employment, no one manages their job placement, state institutions are only responsible for registering them as a contributor to the treasury, and that they do not pose a burden on the State, and they also have to contribute to the Social Security scheme, but there is no guarantee that they will have goods, facilities or supplies for the exercise of their activity (almost always).

The right to work is enshrined in our Constitution and, therefore, employment, but with so many problems, can we talk about tomorrow, full employment, the FUTURE, and is that also certain?

January 24 2013