Hunger Striker Expelled by Force from Santa Clara Hospital / Katia Sonia

Rolando Ferrer Espinosa, who has been on a hunger strike since September 28th under the motto “Let the impunity cease,” was expelled by force from the University of Arnaldo Milán Castro of Santa Clara Hospital on the afternoon of October 31 while two dozen opponents were detained and beaten.

Ferrer Espinoza contacted this reporter by telephone from his home and declared that he was carried by more than ten military members who forced him into a wheelchair and took him at a vertigo-inducing pace to an ambulance that took him to his house.

He also denounced that Julio Batista Columbié — who was his companion — was beaten in his presence and that, at the time of the conversation, he suffered a high fever after that administered to him intramuscularly 2 ampules of 500 mg of dipyrone and an ibuprofen tablet 400 mg orally.

Similarly, Ferrer Espinosa confirmed his position as a striker and his concern for the fate of the detainees and of Alcides Rodriguez-Rivera, another striker who remained hospitalized. He also expressed his thanks for the concern and support of the National Executive Committee of the Independent and Democratic Cuba Party and activists in the city of Santa Clara.

Rolando Ferrer Espinosa lives at Calle 1ra # 25 y Base de Transporte de Comercio, on the Carretera Central [Central Highway] Banda Esperanza at km 295, El Hueco, Las Minas Santa Clara.

November 1 2011