Hot Promotions / Regina Coyula

If you live in Havana, are between the ages of 18 and 35, and have completed the tenth grade, you can enroll in an eleven month course during which you will receive a stipend of 280 Cuban pesos (~$11.00 USD) during the first half and 310 (~$12.50 USD) during the second half, with additional payment incentives, promotions, seniority and opportunities to go to the university. Tempting, no?

Well, enroll this course for traffic police and get the great features described.

My son’s classroom was visited by an Interior Ministry official, who gave a presentation on the advantages of studying at a military center and having a career working under MININT (Ministry of the interior). You don’t have to do your Military Service, you can enter with low grades, receive a good stipend, increasing while you study, and get vouchers and reservations for recreational facilities. There were the “aces” in the offer. However, the boys weren’t tempted, preferring to compete for a career that requires high grades, because they omitted to mention it, but most of the boys know, that if you give up a university career for the military life and then decide you don’t want to spend your working life in this institution, you have to serve eight years or they withhold the title.

At a time when a million people are on the verge of losing their jobs, the Ministry of the Interior not only is NOT reducing its workforce — as they have assured their employees – but they are offering hot promotions to recruit staff.

October 28, 2010