Hole Interrupts Traffic on the Bridge Over El Inglés Stream in Cienfuegos

Photograph of the hole in the bridge over El Inglés stream in Cienfuegos. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Cienfuegos, 1 June 2018 — A large hole in the pavement of the bridge that carries traffic over El Inglés stream has been one of the recent effects in Cienfuegos of the rains associated with the subtropical storm Alberto.

The road, considered important for connecting the neighborhood of Pueblo Griffo (10,000 inhabitants) with the rest of the city, was closed this Thursday after a bus crossing the bridge discovered the deep hole.

Brigades of builders appeared at the site and carried out urgent repairs. According to experts, the waters of the raging El Inglés brook removed some of the fill in the bridge and created the hole, which made travel through the site dangerous.

According to what several workers told 14ymedio, the materials used to repair the bridge were rubble and macadam. The repairs of the bridge ended late at night and as of Friday the road can again be traveled.

The subtropical storm Alberto caused severe floods in this territory in the south of Cuba, which forced the evacuation of more than 11,000 people. The pumping stations that supply water to the population were affected and more than 8,000 acres of various crops in Horquita, Juraguá, Santa Martina and the Martyrs of Barbados Agricultural Production Cooperative were under water.

Alberto’s rains were also the cause of the overflow of the wastewater treatment plants at the oil refinery that poured 12,000 cubic meters of oily water into the sea, causing ecological damage that is still being assessed. Strong currents in the bay’s inlet channel caused a ship bound for the port with 29,000 tons of rice from Vietnam to run aground.


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