Havana’s El Calvario Baptist Church Suffered Serious Damage from the Explosion at the Saratoga Hotel

State of the El Calvario church after the explosion of the Saratoga hotel. (Facebook/Adiel González Maimó)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 6 May 2022 — The explosion that destroyed the Saratoga Hotel this Friday in Havana has also affected numerous buildings around it. One of them is the El Calvario church, headquarters of the Western Baptist Convention, which lost its roof as a result of the explosion

In a statement made public in the afternoon, the Baptist Convention reported that they were prevented from entering their offices, despite the fact that, they say, “they have not suffered material damage.”

“We still do not have an exact idea of ​​the magnitude of the damage to our building,” they pointed out, and were grateful that none of their employees who were in the building at that time suffered injuries.

In addition, they indicated that they await “the diagnosis of a commission that evaluates the structural damage.”

The explosion affected buildings several blocks away from the Saratoga Hotel, such as along busy Monte street. (14ymedio)

In the images broadcast from inside the temple, serious damage to the ceiling, walls and furniture of the premises is seen.

The detonation affected places several blocks away from the scene of the incident, such as Monte Street, where several stores had broken glass.

The nearby Teatro Martí, inaugurated in 1884, also suffered damage according to reports to this newspaper from local workers. The facility, restored in 2014, housed in 1901 the Constituent Convention that established the Republic of Cuba.

The damage also extends to the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, located on the same block as the hotel. The center occupies a large building with a busy portal.


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