Free Antonio Rodiles / Images

Antonio prior to these events.
Police Station where a group of people, including Antonio and others who were arrested at that time, went to check on Yaremis Flores who had been arrested earlier.
The sign at the police station: State Security, Territorial Unit of Criminal Investigation and Operations
Inside the station.
Antonio’s father, Manuel Rodiles, and his partner, Ailer Gonzalez Mena, on a bench outside the station. Photo: Claudio Fuentes Madan
Ailer and Manuel waiting for the prosecutor, inside the station.
Prosecutor Madelein Parras, who informed Ailer Gonzalez and Manuel Rodiles that Antonio’s case would go to the Provincial Prosecutor
Manuel and Ailer in the station
Yoani Sanchez minutes before her arrest in the same sweep that Antonio was caught up in. She was released the same day.
Angel Santiesteban minutes before his arrest and severe beating.
Angel’s shirt after it was returned to his wife, after he was beaten.
The State Security agent who identifies himself as “Camilo” who beat those arrested and put a gun to Angel’s head and threatened to shoot him.
Ailer and Antonio, prior to these events.
Antonio’s father, Manuel Rodiles, in his 80s and in poor health, showing the photographer a cookie someone brought to the house.
For Another Cuba — the signature gathering campaign to demand the Cuban government ratify the UN Human Rights covenants it signed in New York City — that is so terrifying the regime it is arresting everyone associated with it.