Four More Years / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

It stops time every four years, the Olympics approach like a refreshing breeze coming in such suffocating days.

Everything becomes a joy to the citizens of different countries, the most consumer-focused systems of the planet give space for the sports gala. The whole festival is televised but many choose to attend in person and feel the adrenaline triggered by spectacular emotion.

In Cuba feels different, the fortunate are the athletes, many have the trust of the government, some don’t, but they go for their irrefutable sports successes. The people sit in front of the TV and imagine what it would be like to be there, even for those with the greatest economic possibilities, it is impossible to plan a little trip of even two days abroad.

Well, they tell us that we are privileged to not miss anything of that event, it will all be covered on TV. A gift of the revolution, crumbs! Pure mud given like chocolate to a child of 4, they take away our right to choose and what one would touch in their own right in Cuba, the government gives you as a work of the Revolution.

We are becoming puppets of flesh and bone, which gradually lose their reason, to be just like  zombies in a world that sees us, but we can not look at it.

March 23 2012