Fishermen in Matanzas, Cuba

The old fishermen are humble people with salt-tanned skin. (Roma Díaz)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Roma Díaz, Boca de Camarioca, 2 July 2020 —  Watching the small boats on the quay is a real spectacle, listening to the stories of old fishermen, of humble people with salt-tanned skin, reveals the absolute connection between people and the sea.

As sunset approaches and some of the fishermen go out to look for their catch, my camera lens captures these images and the click of the shutter breaks the silence. Despite the rustic look and stench of the bay, my eyes focus only on capturing the surroundings.

With the incessant sweat caused by the hot summer days and in precarious conditions, the fishermen go out daily in search of a good tide. Most of them in a small boat, which they call a “paca-paca” because of the deafening noise it constantly emits.

With a doubt, the ancient activity of fishing is for many a hobby, but for others it has become a resource for survival.

Snappers, parrots or yellowtails are caught in this area. (Roma Díaz)


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