FEBRUARY 23 #OZT / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo


The Februarys begin to accumulate, with the complicity of our indolent amnesia. Indecent. Till death do us bring together. Was it one or three years ago? Orlando Zapata Tamayo? Or were the last names reversed? From Santa Clara or Santiago de Cuba? Before or after the clinical case of Laura Pollan …?

Cuban prisons continue coagulated and there is no clemency to alleviate their high population density. There will be no national mercy with the resisting bodies. It is a strategic question of governability. The minds turned to war shall be brought low to force them to think of peace. Or to abolish them. The only survival tactic in the face of the powers-that-be will be to continue playing the witness, without sticking our noses into the path of the State. Without calling aloud our contempt or our panic. Without pronouncing it in public writing, either. Become invisible, live the life of us, even a life without biography. Become imbecilic.

Materialistic mutism. Mediocre meanness. Innate ruthlessness, or worse, learned.

The dead will die solely and exclusively in the name of the dead. Over the futility of virtue. A country in eternal waiting manipulates even its martyrs to blows of forgetfulness. We do not want to believe that the lack of solidarity makes us naked before the hangman. Rather to abandon to its fate the corpse of the neighbor is considered a good sign of fitness. Idiotness. There are too many Cubans. In any event, not all of us could conquer the future. Statistics are statistics and without statistics there are no statistics.

The Februarys continue to accumulate, as a plot by conspirators against ourselves. Till death do us bring together. Let capitalism take us confessed. Was it two or three years ago? Orlando Zapata Tamayo? Or with the last names reversed? In an intensive care unit, or in a punishment cell of maximum insecurity? Before or after the cynical case of Laura Pollan…?

Unrecognizable Cubans. Irreparable Cubans. When an energetic and virile people trembles, justice cries.

February 23 2012